Tuesday, September 9, 2008

See You at the Pole

Have you guys heard of See You at the Pole? Students all over the world gather together at their school's flag pole on a designated day at the end of September every year to seek God together for their campus and friends. Not only are you coming before God and activating prayer in your life, but you are meeting other students on your campus that share your faith! I've been talking to a couple of you guys about getting together with a fellow follower of Jesus to pray and support each other while at school. This is a great opportunity to see some familiar faces that you didn't know shared your faith, and you can build friendships from there.
So this year, the designated See You at the Pole day is Wednesday, September 24th at 7am. Go to for more info on this event. This website is great for resources about your rights as a student to have a faith-based event on your campus.
So who's gonna be at the pole?


DefendTruth said...

It is really cool to be able to see other believers in prayer together. I went last year and it was nice. The concept is really uplifting.

carl said...

Dana this is great stuff!!! I am going to check this stuff out daily. Are you still haveing problems with my e-mail? I am praying for you and these young men and women of God. commenly known as WOG or MOG.
Glad to hear the comments about Reno and Yerington uniting so well.

Anonymous said...

Harmonee and I went this morning to Wooster high's flag pole to pray and there was a group there already praying, 3 students and 3 adults! It was so awesome to join together in the same heart for unity in our city and among our schools to lift up the name of Jesus and give God permission to enter our schools and the lives of our students and families. We connected with the student leader of the Christian club at Wooster. Yay for God!