Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day....

Today is the day that this country elects it's new leader. Today is the day that peoples hopes will be crushed. Today is the day that people will be ecstatic for the winner. Today is the day that thousands pray to God to put the right leader into place. Today is the day that people pay for protection from their opposition. Today is the day where people make a judgment. Today is the day that families can become divided, sometimes to the point of tears. Today is the day that people place their hope in something that will not last....

Today should be a day where people realize God is in control. Today should be a day where people realize true hope can only be found in Him. Today should be a day where we are ecstatic for Christ and His love. Today should be a day that people pray to our Lord for what he did in Jesus, because He is who we should follow, He is our leader!! Today should be a day we thank God for His protection. Today is a day we should not judge unless we be judged. Today is a day to become united in Christ, sometimes with tears of Joy! Today should be the day that people realize they need to put their hope in the one that was, and is, and is to come....

Tomorrow will not not come by having the earth turned by McCain or Obama. Tomorrow will come by having the earth turned by our loving, never failing, glorious heavenly Father!!

The Lord is in control. Praise be to God!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


So, this weekend as a non-youth group thing, me, kels, harm, kass, ryan and kyle went to yerrington. the girls stayed at Jenna's house and the guys are Joe's. jenna planned a surprise party for joe since 11/1 is his 15th bday. ALL of the teens helped out with the Yerrington vineyard's Night Of Lights. It was cool, i am so spending halloween there next year. the people from y town that hung out with us were Jared, jenna, Daniel, Joe,Ryan (purple jacket guy), joey, megan, geoff, Nick, phil....etc. mostly everyone. After the night of lights we all walked to Joe's house and had a party from like 9- 12 it was amazing we had a sahving cream fight and we sang and danced and we played truth or dare and would you rather. lets just say that the Famous reno girls strike again and make a nice huge impression on the yerrington boys!!! After the party the girls went back to Jenna's house and that whole night I was texting Ryan (from y town) and Joey , Joe and Harm was txting Joe and Nick. Kels was txting joe and nick. Jenna... of course RYAN L.!!! haha we all stayed up pretty late laughing and what not..... Then it was saturday and none of us wanted to go home just yet, so we got the plans made so we all could hang in reno together at the Summit mall. When the girls go to the mall we went into Dillards and tried on soooo many dresses it was soo much fun... but then the boys showed up while we were in our dresses and we asked them to take a pic of us (lets just say kinda akward) After that we walked around and went to see eagle eye (not the greatest moive) it was really amazing to see everyone together. And we got to meet some new people who are like totally awsome and who let into 0ur little reno/yerrington group because they became miley cyrus fans!!! I cant wait for the next that we all get to hang out!!!!!