Monday, June 30, 2008


Well this is totally cool. I get to be the first blogger on the camping trip! Oh ya! Thats so Rad! Okay so this camping trip starts for on Friday at 4:30. Dana comes to pick me up and I meet her work friend. Next we go back to Dana's, and leave again to pick up Harmonee. We come back, unlode the food from Dana's house, then Drew shows up. We unlode his car, pack it all in to Dana's car, and get on the road! Now were in the car... Jamming and just hgaving a good time. Then Drew is driving and gets on a little turn around thing and starts going the way, Harm and I think is the wrong way, Dana tells us differently. So were driving along and having a great. fun car games and just having fun. So now we're going along and at this point I don't even know were we are and Dana is on the phone with James and he tells us, thats we're going the wrong way!
Oh Yeah! Go Us! so we stop at a Burger King, get Dana and Drew so crowns! ( Which Dana hated because she never wore it). Then finally get there at 2:30 in the morning.
Now it's Saturday, we get, have sourdough pancakes for breakfast, they were pretty great. Then we explored the caves. Went back to camp for lunch, then went to the lake, (Which I got to drive to) *Thank you James and Sarah* We swam. And Dana's car almost ran out of gas. hahahaha. Then Saturday night we played animal and Dana braided: Mine, Harmonee's, Ericka's and Alex's. It was Awesome! Then we played Phase 10 and that was prett fun. Sunday morning we ate breakfast and cleaned up camp. Then went to another cave... that was cool. Then we rode home and it was great! Good Weekend!


Jimmydan said...

That weekend was a lot of fun!!!!! Here is to more camping trips for Redemption Youth. Woo Hoo!!

Anonymous said...

My favorite is when we all burst randomly into song and we couldn't even sing all the way through because we were laughing too.

BTW, the Burger King crown was a bit itchy...

My other favorite part was hanging out with everyone from Yerington. It was sooo awesome to know that we have family (biological and in Christ) that really treats us like family. I was so blessed to have the Snyders, Smiths and the Kitchens as we found the best route after we were on the long route and find a way to get gas in my car. Thank you so much for helping us out!

And yes, let's do more camping!


Andrew said...

That's right I wore the crown all weekend. Best trip ever, right?