Wednesday, July 2, 2008

camping harmonee's view

all right you guys. my camping story is going to be wayyy longer cuz i don't leave out any details. All just to clarify we were going down 395 and turn on to I80 (thats what kelsey meant by the turn thing.) me and kelsey were all like "don't we go strait " so Dana is all like nope this is the way the direction say to. by the way these directions were printed out as a back up. so now we think we are an hour or two away from the camp but comes to find out we are going the wrong way. James goes on to the Smith's gps and guess what it says? It says that we won't get there to 1:30 in the morning! Thats right 1:30 in the MORNING! so thats when we pulled over and got the burger king hats. Oh and there was a playground at the burger king so i went down the slide hehe. So we are driving still having a good time because me and kelsey are having a ball that we were right. and kelsey goes i want some popcorn. but she said it in like new Orleans accent. so people who were at youth group on Tuesday, that is why we had popcorn. so any ways that is when drew start talking like new Orleans and saying popcorn. Then we go to wall mart to take a potty brake and see if there is any prepopped popcorn. but there wasn't so then we got jiffy pop and was going to pop it over the fire. so then we are having a good time it would take to long to say all the things that we did but i will just hit the highlights. so we listening to life is a high way. so the song starts and i am like " do you know what i love about this trip? i love how when there is a song on and we all start sing.". so then at that very moment when is stopped saying that we all burst out sing life is highway. so then after that we are driving and we see a bunch of deer on the side of the road. then drew says"geeze those deer are small even for does" then kelsey says did you just say "doe" then dana goes" doe a deer a female deer." then we all burst out singing " ray a drop of golden sun" and we sing the rest of the song but laughing while were sing because it is so funny. so now it is like midnight and me and kelsey have to go pee but the one gas station that is open there are some guys hanging outside so drew decided to wait. but now it is 12:30 and me and kelsey refuse to go out side. so now it is like 1:00 and me and kelsey are like about to pee our pants so dana says" here's what i am thinking. it is getting later and these are all small towns and there are't going to be any place opened." so then kelsey is like okay i'll go and i am like" nope i will wait till camp." so Then kelsey gets out and then guess what! drew kind of makes me get out of the car and go. so then i get back in the car and they are like good job harmonee we are so proud ! Then when we get to camp everyone is asking how our drive was and then drew and dana tell everyone how i had my firts out door potty experience and how proud of me they are. i no not embarassing at all right. so then at like 2:15 we pull up and james is waiting for and we are just happy to be there so we turn on bring em out by hawk nelson and we are rocking out and dancing. so then we go to sleep.And that was just the drive there!

ok now the rest is east. so on saturday i wake up at 7:00 cuz you know that is what time you get up when you go camping. and then everyone waked up and we all eat breakfast. then we go explore caves. After that we came home ate lunch and went to the lake. and guess what else they told us there was no lake but me and kelsey brought our swim suits anyways because we just are smart like that. then we went swimming then come home. then after that we come to camp and i fall asleep on the way to camp. so we get there and we do some other stuff but we played this really intense version of animal and it rocked. then we did some other stuff. we aslo played phase 10 which i totally rocked at and went out 6 out of the eight times! and kelswas soooooo jellin. jk. but then we went to sleep and me and kelsey talked because we weren't tired yet.

so now it is sunday mornign. we go explore one more cave. then on the way home we play name that movie. it is when you say a line from a movie and the other person has to guess what movie. so on the way home we played with james and sarah on drews walkie talkies. so i just really want to say this line so you guys can post a commit and say what it is from " if i could have this baby right now i totally would but i am guessing it looks something like a sea monkey right now . so you guys might want to wait a few months so it can cuten up a bit."

any ways i had a lot of fun and you guys should come a long next time.


Anonymous said...

Wasn't it a New Yawker accent? Like from the bronx? Sorry Harm if we embarressed you with the whole going to the bathroom outside. Weren't you proud of me for controlling my breathing when I was claustophobic in the cave and went through on my belly? It was kind of like that, except yours had to do with something a little more embarressing...

I think we got there at 2:30 in the morning because we had to slow down for all the deer and small towns.

Yes, ya'll should come along next time so we can make memories with you! Nuti

Jimmydan said... are crazy.It sounds as though you are still wired from the weekend!!!! We need to play animal more. You scare so easy!

Andrew said...


And it was a New Yawk accent....But I liked it anyways...

And you left out that I read you a chapter from Chronicles of Narnia before you fell asleep!

Andrew said...

and it was the best trip ever!