Saturday, August 23, 2008


The story is to long to tell, but from the trip i learned alot about my self and my pattern of relationships i mean i even have a patteren with God! I made new friends from y town that will be forever and i even made friendships from Reno stronger. Everytime i used to see a beautiful landscape or a pretty lake i was like WOW but now when i see something even a building im like WOW God created that, and when i look at my self in the mirror its amazing because god made me and i now believe that if God loves me than i should love my self. My life Changed in Vancouver. Its a good change. And i see the change everyday you might not see it but i do i can FEEL it! =) God has become my rock the one stable thing in my life and im proud to be a Christain im not afraid to admit it because its a good thing. R town and Y town are so close its amazing ask anyone and they will say yes. "House Keeping!!!" lol


Anonymous said...

That's awesome Shelby! I love it when God validates us and shows us who we are in Him. It makes life worth living for!