Tuesday, August 26, 2008

well you all know i am a very details story teller so this one I am going to sum up

ok so the first two days it was the yerington youth group and the reno youth group. but then we got there on thursday and we went to the church. so the first thing they did was worship and it was really really LOUD . but after that jimmy jon talked about us being God's children and him being our abba. so after a while of him talking the band started worship. and I all most started crying but then taylor started crying then Jared started crying and i started crying and pretty soon every one was crying and it was all becasue God was there and i know for me he was just filling me up. So i believe that because of this night we were all vulnerable and our walls were tooken down and that is why Reno and Yerington love each other so much.

Then the second day we had work shops. the works shops were on what ever you felt God wanted you to do. There was worship, minstering , hearing, caring , and art. So after the work shops Jeremiah spoke. ( idk what on though). Then when we got back Jimmy Jon spoke and he spoke about the space between heaven and earth. Then that night durring worship was the first time that people would fall on the floor and just get filled up with the holy spirit.

Then saturday we had our out reach and what we did was we went and cut down blackberry bushes and pull ivy. the blackbush pulling was very painful but some how we still had fun or at least i did. Then that night was the concerts and i swear the ground was moving. it was the most amazing thing ever. i think that that was probably one of my favorite parts. it was soooo much fun and amazing. people again were being filled up and other people were worshipping . it was awesome.

and then the next day was church and we had drive home and every one was sad we had to leave.


carl said...

Harmonee I am so happy for you. I am praying for you, actually for all of you. May He keep you, bless you, and I pray that you will grow closer to Dad every day.