Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dana knows everybody

Dana knows everybody in the whole world. Why do I say this? I was cruising around the contributors to this blog (of which Dana is one) and looking at the blogs they look at (slow day at the office). I stumbled across a guy named daniel who lives in kenya. I thought, "hey, that's weird, Karen's best friend from college (who lives in TX) works in kenya with a guy named daniel". Same guy.

What's worse? One of my best college friends in Arkansas went to casa bernabe for a summer. While she was there, she told me about a girls she met from some town in nevada. It was dana.

The other day Dana was having an interview with the pope. I was watching with some friends, and they said hey, who's the guy with the pointy hat talking to dana?

It's official.


Anonymous said...

LOL! What can I say? I'm Ralph Nuti's daughter. I did meet Sarah at Casa Bernabe. She was there with a team for a couple months when I was there. And I met Daniel in Reno last year when I went to lunch with him and a couple great people that love supporting missions. People are my favorite. :)

Andy Dave said...

What about when we were handing out backpacks and a random guy at a coffee shop says, "Didn't you kill me at raquetball at UNR?" YOu must leave quite an impression...