Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cool story!

I wanted to share this with you guys last night at youth group, but I was recovering from my stomach bug and decided not to expose all of you. You're welcome.

So Sunday night I had a dream that something bad happened to one of my boss's three year old twins. In the dream, I knew it was Rosie and not Isabel. When I got up that morning I prayed for them but also logged the dream in my journal and continued to hang out with God. I made a list in my journal of some things that I wanted to seek God in a more committed way. One of them was more ways to show His love to my co-workers. So I went to work on Monday morning. And just like in the dream, I was with my boss and another co-worker when his phone rang and it was his babysitter. He tried to calm her down and ended up walking out of the room saying, "Do you need to call 911?" At that point, I went back to my lab and started praying God's protection over Rosie, knowing there had to be a connection with my dream the night before. A few hours later, my boss came back to work, so I knew that everything would be ok. At the end of the day, he came into my lab to double check on a project and I asked him if everything was ok at home. He said yes, that the babysitter was putting sunscreen on Rosie and she began to have an allergic reaction to the sunscreen and her eyes and other parts of her face began to swell. So the babysitter was a little freaked out. When he said it was Rosie, I immediately felt my face get red. I realized how clearly that God was speaking to me that he could tell me which of his kids specifically to pray for. Then I told him that I knew it was Rosie because I had a dream about her the night before and that when he got that phone call and I heard him say something about calling 911, I went back to the lab and started praying for Rosie. His mouth dropped and he said thank you and how weird it was that I had that dream. He couldn't get over how weird it was but he was very grateful.

Isn't it cool when God shows people how much that he loves them and their family? For God to give me a dream and have me praying that nothing worse would happen to his daughter before and while it was happening, that's huge! We serve an amazing God that wants to be in our lives and show us how much he loves us! I'm learning through many mistakes and missed times of sharing God's love, how to be obedient to share it when he presents me the opportunity. I'm so glad he doesn't give up on us when we are disobedient and make mistakes. And how fast is he? I asked him that morning to be able to share his love with my co-workers!

What do you guys think??


Jimmydan said...

That is a coo story Dana. I love it!

Harmonee said...

wow that is amazing! i wish something like that would happen to me. the dream part not the allergic reaction

Anonymous said...

Harm, ask God to give you dreams and have a notebook on your nightstand when you sleep. This expectation that God will give you dreams activates your faith and allows God to move more in your life. Then write things down when you wake up, even in the middle of the night. Pray over them and you'll sharpen your ability to hear God through dreams!

DefendTruth said...

I forgot to say thanks for sharing:)..that is a really amazing story, its amazing how God will use dreams, visions, and many other things to get us to pray for others, or wake us up to what he wants us be doing.