Friday, May 16, 2008

Week 1 Day 2

Hey guys, any thoughts on the questions about the story in John 4:1-26?


Jimmydan said...

I think the last verse is amazing. Can you imagine being there, telling a guy that you and the rest of your people are waiting for a Messiah and he turns round and simply says to you, "I am He!!!" Can you imagine? Crikey!

Anonymous said...

It's Nuti. I already did talk to Bri about this but I'll put it up for all of you.

God's used this story to encourage me many times. It's one of the first times that Jesus talks about how God's covenant relationship will be extended to the Gentiles. I'm a Gentile as I don't know of any recent Jewish blood in my anscestry. So just that whole thing of how I get to be adopted into God's family and inherit His promises and everything that goes with having a relationship with God is awesome.

The other thing is how Jesus tells her that His water will satisfy her so that she will never be thirsty again. I am learning this. That Jesus is all that I need. That more than food for my body, I need Jesus to keep myself going. And then Jesus tells her that the water he gives us becomes a well springing up that is eternal.

Now I don't know about you guys, but I grew up on well water. It's way better than the chlorinated stuff. But every 10-20 years, we would have to hire guys to come in and redrill our well deeper because the water table would go down and where we drilled down to would be empty. This was expensive and time consuming and we didn't have much water until we got the guys to dig deeper. And living in a dessert, water was precious. Our lives kind of halted.

So the fact that Jesus is offering a well that springs up eternally and will never run dry is huge for me. Jesus does take us deeper in relationship with the Father and shows us new things. But when we take communion, we go back to the cross, to Jesus' sacrifice for us so that we could have that barrier of sin broken down and have a relationship with God. That is the thing that will always satisfy us. That is the root of our faith. That is the well that will never run dry. Forgiveness. Restoration. Redemption.

Harmonee said...

I know it is crazy. i Would have probably fainted if i was her. It would be weird but amazing. I'm just glad i have been keeping up on my reading.