Friday, May 30, 2008

Prayer Requests

Hey everyone, so I was thinking...and I thought we should have a section for prayer requests whether they are for us or someone else we can then pray throughout the week. Oh I also thought maybe we could post how God has answered some of our prayers, as encouragement (but if its too personal that's okay). Alrighty so given that it has taken me a little while to make this post I have a couple requests to begin with, but I'll do them on a separate comment so we can just scroll through the comments and see the different prayer requests. Have a great weekend everyone.


DefendTruth said...

I wanted to mention all those at Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp. I know since this is kinda political it can be a sensitive subject but I just know torture isn't right. It amazes me that these are men who usually know nothing but they are kept in black hoods and beaten repeatedly, and there is a high chance they are innocent. Yet still their lives have slipped from their grasp entirely, they are living each day in complete despair, never knowing if they'll live to see tomorrow. I can only imagine how broken they must feel, I guess I'm just asking for a prayer for strength for them, because they need it more they words could ever describe. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Great idea Bri! Let's pray for Kassandra's family as her family's house burned down. They didn't move into it yet, but they were getting ready to move. So they're looking for a place to move until they can rebuild. Praise God that they didn't loose any of their lives or personal belongings!

Kassandra said...

yeah!! i think it was nuti that wanted to pray for me! thanks but yeah just wanted anyone that wants pray for my family. its kind of a prety bad living situation. so if you will just pray that we find a house or a better living situation:D thank you