Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Last night was such a great night to be back with all you guys for the first youth group gathering of the year. I missed you guys! We are that family that Ryan was talking about. :)

We discussed a lot of things about last year and what we would like to see for this year and how to make it happen. I was thinking more about this today and got excited because I know that everything God has for us this year will come to pass. You know how people make New Year's resolutions and end up not fulfilling them or staying on track? I felt like we made a lot of resolutions and had a lot of ideas of what we would like to do and see change starting in 2009. What I'm excited about is the fact that we are a family, and we all are excited about these ideas of loving on the people of Reno and each other and pursuing our own relationships with God more.

So is it ok that when one member of the family is not fulfilling their own dreams and goals for this year, we can all come around them and encourage and support them to get back on track? Can we show each other the truth in love and be like iron sharpening iron? I give you permission to help me stay on track. We need each other. We can do more together and we can help each other remember the good things when we are down, so we will have a higher success rate of fulfilling and even surpassing our dreams and goals for this year. Didn't last year surpass your expectations of what God did in our lives and as a youth group? I know this year He will do the same. Let's do our part to keep moving forward, and He'll take care of the rest. I love you guys!